Programmed Cell Death Across the Eukaryotic Kingdoms

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Research group of Corinne Clavé

Autophagy & TOR kinase signaling in filamentous fungi




Fig.: Death by self-incompatibility in thermosensitive her-R het-V strain of P. anserina  

Clavé's laboratory studies the autophagic PCD reaction of vegetative incompatibility in the filamentous fungus P. anserina that occurs upon the fusion of genetically different cells that co-express incompatible het genes. This reaction is associated with the expression of idi genes that are also induced by starvation. This fungal PCD may employ similar mechanisms as autophagic PCD described in higher eukaryotes that are negatively controlled by the target of rapamycin (TOR), a conserved protein kinase. The inactivation of TOR via het gene co-expression might be indirect and result from metabolic perturbations. Alternatively, het products may belong to a signaling cascade feeding into the TOR pathway. Several het loci have been characterized previously in the lab. het-D & E are paralogs encoding proteins with a P-loop domain and WD-40 repeats, structural motifs are present in Apaf-1. het-C encodes a glycolipid transfer protein whose A. thaliana ortholog ACD11is involved in PCD in plants (see P1). het-s encodes a prion protein that is infectious, aggregates in vivo and forms amyloid fibrils in vitro. Interestingly autophagy has been proposed as a PCD mechanism in amyloid diseases such as Parkinson's. Specific skills of the lab include: filamentous fungi specific technologies, DNA and RNA technologies, fluorescence microscopy, recombinant protein expression and protein purification.


Relevant References

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